About our company

  • Our company was founded in October, 2003. From the very first days we strive for the highest results not only in the field of IT in regard to knowledge, but also the quality of our services and goods. In the second half of 2007, after evaluating acquired experience, we decided to sell only the IT equipment that was tested and approved by us. We endeavor at saving our clients’ time from searching for the right goods within infinite market by allowing them to choose from already sorted quality items.
  • We aim to achieve a very personal communication with our clients in this way creating a firm foundation for the quality of services provided and goods to be selected. Always striving to remain simple and sincere with our clients we think that good business happens only then when both, a customer and a merchant, are mutually satisfied. We believe that money shall serve people and not vice-versa, that’s why all those years a part of the profit is donated to charitable organizations. Everybody is welcome especially people kind in their hearts. We expect mutual mature collaboration and many warm moments spent together.
  • Life is beautiful when simple. To keep it so, let’s base our communication on simplicity and sincerity, without “thick walls” around us, hence getting closer to what is really to be a Human.

Best regards
iT5 Owner
Arturas Scerba